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IVF Workstation

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IVF Workstations are workstations placed in IVF laboratories for performing various procedures as a part of treatments like IVF, IUI and ICSI. All the processes conducted in laboratories are incomplete without IVF workstations.

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IVF workstations are used for conducting oocyte screenings, dish preparations and media handling.

  • Available in with CO2 and without CO2 options
  • Even curtain of non-turbulent air flow filtered with HEPA filters, H-14 type (99,97% efficiency for 0.3 μm particles)
  • Noise level < 48 dBA
  • Stabilized heated surface
  • Microscope, a heated glass stage and an LED light source
  • Integrated temperature controlled humidification system
  • Programmable auto-start and shut-down of all in-built features
  • 21.5” LCD monitor, external data output via USB and electrical outlets
  • 3 individual temperature sensors
  • Incorporated Heated Glass Stage
  • Airflow 0.32 m/s
  • Integrated Humidified Gas System
  • Operator and ergonomically friendly

Brochures is not Available.