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CO2-SS-20 Analyser

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The CO2-SS-20 is a handheld Carbon Dioxide (CO2) analyzer for simple and accurate C02 analysis. It is specifically designed to measure, verify and validate CO2 levels in CO2 incubators at renowned medical departments. Our range of CO2 analyzers is made from supreme quality materials verified from authentic vendors.

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This is a tool used for Cell Culturing in CO2 Incubators. Cell culturing is done with CO2 in cell growth to balance the PH levels of the medium used. While 5 percent of CO2 level is used in cell culturing preparation, whilst other CO2 levels are utilized in IVF. The product is also utilized in implementing CO2 levels in Incubators, medical research, IVF, and cell culturing.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Quick Start
  • Advanced Patented NDIR Sensor
  • Fast and intuitive touch screen interface
  • No regular span calibration required
  • Extended battery life

Brochures is not Available.